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New band alert and video: LADY EVYL - the ultimate female fronted tribute to Black Sabbath!

Based on the idea of paying tribute to the most influencial Heavy Metal band in a slightly different way, Lydia and myself gathered a group of experienced musicians who love Black Sabbath as much as they appreciate the challenge of putting their own mark on the songs of Tony Iommi and his fellows.


Lydia Pané (Darkness Light, Dark Blue Inc., Lydia & Frank Pané’s Six String Tales…) - vocals Frank Pané (Bonfire, Sainted Sinners, Dark Blue Inc.…) - guitars Joey Roxx (Mystic Prophecy, Souldrinker, Paganini, Shezoo……) - bass Adolf von Buron (live performer, composing producer for soundtracks…) – keyboards

Franky Huber (Wanted-Live, Feedback…) – drums


Here comes our first video "Headless Cross" - enjoy!


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