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Sainted Sinners Single Malt Whiskey

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Sainted Sinners are happy to present you their first batch of „Taste it“ single malt whiskey in cooperation with Waldbrand Destillerie Wald, Germany (

The first batch will be available either in an exclusive set incl. 2 Sainted Sinners Glencairn glasses limited to 50 hand numbered bottles or as regular bottle without the glasses and individual numbering.

American oak heavy toasted, 3.5 years. (0.5 l / 41,5% vol)

A whiskey that rocks as multifaceted as our music!Fruity elements of banana, vanilla and caramel in the nose. Beautifully integrated in a slightly smoky note. A mild, soft malt aroma unfolds on the palate. Sweet-milds grasp the individual grade of this whiskey.The ideal companion in enjoying our music, which is remembered sustainably like visiting a Sainted Sinners concert.

Amerikanische Eiche heavy toasted, 3,5 Jahre.(0,5 l / 41,5% Vol)

Ein Whiskey, der rockt - so facettenreich wie unsere Musik!
In der Nase fruchtige Elemente von Banane, Vanille und Karamell. Wunderschön eingebunden in eine leicht rauchige Note.
Am Gaumen entfaltet sich eine milde, weiche Malzaromatik. Süß-milde Fasstöne begleiten nachhaltig die individuelle Note dieses Whiskeys.
Der ideale Begleiter beim Genuss unserer Musik, der nachhaltig in Erinnerung bleibt wie der Besuch eines Sainted Sinners Konzerts.

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Моля, щракнете върху съответната корица - ще бъдете пренасочени към секцията АУДИО и можете да започнете изтеглянето, като щракнете върху

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